About Me

Hi there! My name is Shanza. My name is Shanza. 

I am a person of various interests. I love books. I am a bookworm. Reading is my passion. I love to read books and that too of different genres. I like suspense, thrill, crime, detective, action, fun and fictional stories.

I also enjoy watching cartoons (tons of them), anime (some of them), movies (rarely), live-action movies (watched a couple of them, though), animated movies (very much) and animated movies based on comic books (a lot).

My favourite cartoon is Pokémon. I also like Batman, Batman Beyond, Young justice and Winx Club.

If you are a BookwormCartoon fan, or love the movies and TV series, this blog is just for you!    

In case you are wondering, I am also the blogger behind Miss Shanza. 

What about you?

Let's connect!

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